Our Story

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Acquiring 180-acres of largely neglected scrubland in 1981, the Singh family made a commitment to returning this stretch of land to its state of untouched natural beauty. The concept behind Dera Amer was never about profits, and despite being approached by several developers to turn the plot into something more lucrative, the Singh family remained resolute in the protection and preservation of the local environment. Over 30-years later, Dera Amer is something of a sanctuary for animals: both domestic and wild, and the perfect spot for visitors who wish to escape the city.

Our Vision


Our vision at Dera Amer is simple. We aim to maintain an area of preserved wilderness and natural beauty whilst creating a sanctuary for animals to live and for humans to enjoy. To provide an alternative hospitality experience in Jaipur, and for travellers to see first hand a more agricultural way of living. But most of all, we aim to have a positive effect on the environment and the local communities around us, all the while ensuring our animals live in a natural environment for them – rather than the bustling streets of Jaipur. It may not be a lofty ambition, but it is one that we remain resolute in up keeping. For now and forever.

Our Team


Our staff are all from villages surrounding our camp, and some have been with us since its inception, providing direct and indirect income to the local communities. Dera Amer also funds the nearby junior school, providing computers, stationary, and books, ensuring a brighter future for their families.