Midday excursions will not be available at Dera Amer between 15th April – 31st July, however morning and evening excursions are available throughout the year.

Village Walks

Arrive on foot or by jeep, embark on a rural village walk, to the nearby Meena tribe community. Calling this area of land home since before the Mughals or Rajputs, or any other traveller, they have called this area home for centuries. Visit the nearby school, the local settlements, and you’ll almost certainly be invited for a cup of chai or sample some spicy chutneys. Witness country life outside of Jaipur, where communities are largely self-sustained and rely on the land around them. A touching interaction, miles away from the tourist hoards of the city. 

Guests can also explore further afield, by jeep, cruising through the surrounding vicinity of Amer. From here drive to the 16th century Amer Fort, breath taking under in the setting sun over 500 years on, before passing through Old Delhi gate, and visiting a medieval step well.

Return to camp for lunch or dinner.