Our Team


Our staff are all from villages surrounding our camp, and some have been with us since its inception, providing direct and indirect income to the local communities. Dera Amer also funds the nearby junior school, providing computers, stationary, and books, ensuring a brighter future for their families.

Our Animals


Adopted from Amer Fort after her mahout passed away, Laxmi joined the camp in 2006. Several hands taller than her dearest friend Rangmala, she really is a gentle giant, but certainly the more intelligent of the two. Our resident chatterbox, give her a wave and she’ll almost certainly trumpet you a friendly “Hello!” back. Although catch her during the afternoon hours and she’s more likely to be having a siesta in the shade.

Dera_Amer_Day3_61 (1).jpg

Also adopted from Amer Fort, Rangmala joined the camp a little later in 2009, though she and Laxmi have been inseparable ever since. Not exactly a morning person, the only way to get Rangmala out of bed is with a long, cool shower: when she is in her element! Spraying, splashing, rolling, and cavorting, you will seldom see such an enormous animal quite so animated. The more playful of the two, Rangmala will be your friend for life after a banana (or ten)!

Camel Safari-1.JPG

Joining the camp in 2014 from neighbouring villages, Sonu and Johnny enjoy a much more relaxed existence than most camels in Rajasthan. When not taking guests to the local villages, they enjoy long naps in the shade or wandering around the campgrounds in search of their favourite snack, acacia.